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NOOMA Studio is an award winning inter-disciplinary practice of architects and creatives with a heartfelt connection to London.


We are here to problem solve and create joyful space that support human thriving and wellbeing.


The studio is founded on diversity and our collaborative co-creation methodology is our way of making things happen.


We create accessible, people-led spaces through investigation, engagement, design, delivery and post occupancy support. 


NOOMA is formed of members from non-traditional backgrounds. We take London's cultural mosaic as our normal.​​​​



Process is at the heart of NOOMA, we problem solve through conversation, we value the ideas of all collaborators.


Our biggest resource is our personal and collective lived experiences which bring a diversity of thought and knowledge to our work. Our community allows us to create innovation and specificity for the underrepresented corners of society. 

Built on Narrative. Our projects are developed around protagonists who provide an empathic, human perspective. These real and imagined personas help us to create rich, multi-faceted designs that are relevant to the communities who inhabit our buildings and places.



Anton Chernikov 
Architecture 00 
Architecture Fringe
Argent Related 
Blue Print for All 
Callum Campbell
Centric Lab 
Cross River Partnership 
Design Council 

General Projects
Gort Scott 
Haworth Tompkins 
Ian Ritche 
Koushiic Durai 
London Borough of Barnet 
London Borough of Enfield 
London Borough of Haringay 
London Borough of Southwark 
London Borough of Waltham Forest 

MICA Architects 
Matt Hopkins 
Mohamed Douri
Old House Group 
Play Scotland
Ragavendran Gowrisankar 
Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 
Waugh Thistleton 
White Arkitekter 

There are many ways to commission NOOMA Studio whether you are a public or private sector client. 

We are proud to be listed as a pre-vetted supplier on the LHC Architectural & Design Services Framework which gives public authorities a fast, OJEU compliant route to procurement through either direct award or mini competition.

Please contact us should you wish to make a query.



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Thinkers, makers, spatial designers but most of all, storytellers, NOOMA Studio, through a thoughtful and conversational process, build spaces for everyone and make architecture accessible. 
Circularity. A mindset in which we consider materiality, narrative and our process. Using divergent and convergent problem solving as we explore solutions, our design process is rhythmic, always returning to prototypes and sketches as we resolve.
Our designs are circular in that they consider the existing and past lives from a space, we aim to move in circles, to give back what is taken, to continue what has been started. 
Explorative. We are a hands on, explorative design studio where making is a form of play. This process is rooted in deep technical resolution and enforces a rigour to the spatial, material and tectonic arrangement of our designs.
Backed by material knowledge and manual skill along with advanced understanding of digital design and manufacture, we are fuelled by a curiosity to learn. 
An Active Dialogue. Review culture is an integral part of the design process. A dedicated review area forms the heart of the studio where we regularly invite designers, community members, clients, industry experts and anyone with a lived experience to offer their opinions. Our review culture fosters an active conversation throughout the studio where all ideas are equal.
Conversational. Having a friendly and accessible dialogue over a cup of coffee, the art of communication is an essential part of the design process through which we can problem solve and create solutions that meet the needs of the people the we work with.
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