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Vendula is a cute and quirky handbag design company founded by Vendula Zemanova and Raymond Lam. We were tasked with creating a new retail arm for them with a thematic cafe and high street presence.

The grab bag, Vendula’s staple, with its bright colours and scalloped edges was the foundation of our design. The cafe creates the experience for customers to interact, touch and feel the brand - bringing Vendula to life.



The future-looking ethos of the brand is integrated into the space, launching an app alongside the cafe to encourage richer engagement with the space. 


A key feature of the app is augmented reality (AR), where customers will be able to interact virtually with the cafe space through dynamic, gamified experiences. 

Option 1: Pop Wonderland

Option Two:

Cabinet of Curiosities

Option Three: Wisteria High Tea

Experiential Retail Design


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