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Our aim is to generate a generous public realm that facilitates and improves everyday life and is the driver of all the other functions on site. 


The market and centre of Brixton reflects the vibrant and boisterous community. It is a ground level network of interconnected routes, through which indoor and outdoor shopfronts and stalls collide, actively forming the streetscape.


The way the community occupy the public space, is a synergy between all players - traders, customers, and locals - all contributing to this pulsating energy. One of the most important qualities of Brixton town centre is the multiple small loops through the markets and backstreets.

Public Realm


3 Principles to

Guide Co-Design

Our perspective is the people and their experience in Brixton, what they need, what they aspire to and how they want to be involved in shaping the place. 


As a natural extension to the work being undertaken to revitalise the Brixton Rec, we are proposing that Pope’s Road can become part of a new Leisure Loop connecting Brixton Station Road through the Brixton Rec to International House and back to Pope’s Road. 


We will create meaningful routes for the community that invite you to cross the site, dwell and extend the rich life up Pope’s Road and on Brixton Station Road eastwards. Most of these interventions will unlock the existing connections rather than building new structures - therefore celebrating the Rec and helping to breathe new life into it.

The spirit of our designs is rooted in the belief that change is respectful and therefore the approach to our designs is one of mutual giving and taking. 


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