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The vision for Pavilion For All stands as the beating heart for the new and existing neighbourhoods surrounding the Clitterhouse Playing Fields. A natural, self-built sports pavilion for new and existing Brentonians to come together, uniting both existing and future communities.
Beginning in the hands of local people, this self-build pavilion holds togetherness and sustainability at its core to create a space that will grow with the neighbourhood. 

Inclusive Community Building


The situation of the pavilion in the Clitterhouse Playing Fields addresses all of the surrounding neighbourhoods. It is nesstled into the proposed landscape, working with the topographical condition. 
Composed of a timber frame and rammed earth skin, the organic material palette is both sensitive to its environment and provides low tech methods of construction for community building.
The building frames spaces for biodiversity to thrive and intertwine with human life; plants and flowers cascade from green roofs, wilding weaves through the flowing landscape, and pockets are made for community gardens.
Clitterhouse = "Clay Fields"

Human and plant life have the opportunity to thrive and intertwine through the spaces we’ve created. Through the use of natural materials, we are not only responding to carbon zero initiatives but to the wellbeing of the users.

The pavilion interior feels as though it is carved from the clay earth it sits on. Gentle light fills the room from north facing skylights and clay interiors absorb moisture and toxins from the air.
This ancient building material naturally regulates the humidity of the environment, meaning fog free windows in the changing rooms and a building that is naturally antiviral and antibacterial. Sound bounces off the dense surfaces to create a calm atmosphere. 
We believe that buildings should smell of earth and freshly sawn cedar wood. We believe that buildings should be lit by the sun and ventilated by the air.
We believe that access to nature should not be a privilege and through the material quality and spatial relationships of our design, we have created an atmosphere in which all are allowed the right to wellbeing through nature and natural materials. 
The cafe, framed by timber and glazing, is an extension of the outdoors. Its hard surfaces create a social environment with a lively soundscape. Sitting upstairs, users have panoramic views across the fields and beyond to hampstead heath. Sitting downstairs, the doors open out to the activated plaza and a tree provides shade in the south facing terrace.
Visitors move in and out and around the pavilion, muddy boots pattering into changing rooms, children playing with the ground’s soft and hard landscaping, cafe guests enjoying a view over the trees. Intertwined with all generations, plants, creatures, the pavilion naturally offers wellbeing to all those who occupy it.
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