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Current housing is based on outdated minimum standards tailored for nuclear families.. However, people live not in 2d drawings, but in volumetric, three-dimensional spaces. It’s only once we start to think about housing volumetrically that we can start to create culturally specific, needs-based housing that supports the wellbeing of its users. 

The Big Playground is a community sandbox designed for people from every generation to come together regardless of age or ability, in the belief that play and community are essential to wellbeing.

Intergenerational Housing


The Big Playground is our response to the unique needs of ‘Enfieldians’. The personae of the Enfieldians were developed through on site interviews and people we have known through our lived experiences as Londoners. 

  • Age 32

  • From Margate, UK

  • Artisan potter, working in her house-atelier

  • Lives with her partner and pet dog

  • Sole income comes from an unfulfilling administrative job

  • At risk of adverse mental health due to financial situation


Millennial Artisan


Expectant Mother

  • Age 26

  • Of South-Asian descent

  • Doctor at North Middlesex

  • Pregnant of her first child, just moved in to her in law’s home, who operate a pharmacy on the high street

  • High income household

  • As a household they are at higher risk of certain health issues


Non-dependant Child

  • Age 18

  • Second generation Turkish migrant

  • Currently working as an apprentice at a local car mechanic

  • Lives with two younger brothers, mother and grandparents

  • At greater risk of depression and anxiety by virtue of age and economic status


Student & Carer

  • Age 16

  • Of Afro-Caribbean descent

  • Attends The College of Haringey, Enfield

  • Lives with her elderly grandmother who is recovering from a stroke

  • Sole income comes from her Grandmother’s disability allowance and an education grant

  • At greater risk of adverse mental health

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